Gozu – The Fury Of a Patient Man(2013)

SS-136I don’t know who is responsible for recruiting in Small Stone Recordings but that guy certainly has some talent and balls. GOZU was one of the first bands I heard from that label and “Locust Season” the band’s debut was nothing less than an excellent album, no doubt one of the best records of that year and why not, one of the most powerful “new entries” of past few years.

3 years have passed since then and GOZU return with their second album “The Fury of a Patient Man”. This one was written with the near impossible to accomplish task of keeping up with the instantly classic “Locust Season”.

Once more GOZU prove that their music is probably the perfect soundtrack for a lazy day full of bear and weed under a burning sun. “The Fury of a Patient Man” reminds of some of the best moments of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE both lyrically and stylistically. Actually, this similarity can be both one of the weakest and strongest points of the album. Like I said, songwriting wise the compositions move to highest quality standards of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE but on the other hand… the similarities are damn strong.

Comparing to the “Locust Season”, “The Fury of a Patient Man” is a bit more “one sided” in matters of influences and has a slightly feels less personal. However, what is truly rewarding with that record is that GOZU once more have written some damn powerful and addictive riffs. “Traci Lords” and the bluesy “Disco Related Injury” for example deliver some damn fine straight to core Raaawk music. Don’t expect to go crazy as you might have with “Locust Season” but YOU SHOULD expect to find nothing less than great Rock music yet once again from this great band.

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