Mother of God – Anthropos(2012)

“ἄνθρωπος” (or “Anthropos” with the use of latin letters) is the Greek word for “Human”. Many experts believed that this really ancient word (which remains the same in modern Greek) is made by the terms “ἄνω ” (Ano which means up) + “θρώσκω” (Throsko which means jump) + ὄπωπα (opopa which means look). Based on this etymology the humans are the only species that can move while looking up, or metaphorically become better by achieving their dreams. I believe the Swedish four-piece did their study not only in ancient Greek but also in quality music.

MOTHER OF GOD’s music in its core is Stoner Rock with Grunge tints completing the strict Stoner Rock setting. I would describe this band as a bunch of 70’s lovers, impressed by the mind explanatory compositions of ACRIMONY and the rusty playing of SOUNDGARDEN. Of course, this combination has been achieved in the past with success. Yet, MOTHER OF GOD’s style sounds really refreshing and their high quality material gives the impression of a quite original style.

Extra credits must be given to Daniel Nygren’s work on the vocals. He can sound raw when he wants to be aggressive and melancholic in the calmer parts. In the higher scales his voice reminds John Garcia but he does equally well in all ranges while his tone remains recognizable.

I don’t know who is scouting for Smallstone Records but he should get a raise with all these great bands they have signed in the last couple of years. MOTHER OF GOD are not kings yet, after all this is their debut, but if you like Stoner then I think you’ll agree these guys have what it takes.

Check it out free in this location.

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