Lord Fowl – Moon Queen(2012)

LORD FOWL is a four piece from New Haven, CT and “Moon Queen” is already their second album. I must admit, I didn’t know anything about the band before but guess what, I am a fan now.

If you dig good-old Rock and Roll, straight to the core Stoner Rock, with sporadic bad-ass Southern Rock influences then there is not one chance that LORD FOWL will pass unnoticed by your radar.

There is nothing novel here! This band lives with the motto “simplicity of the riff is the key” (as another great band states) and they are great at it. LORD FOWL at times, may remind you about a hundred classic Rock monsters…but not one specific band. They sure have a great style which is an outcome of loving and mixing all things classic.

“Moon Queen” contains 12 songs but since the style of the band changes with each song I don’t believe that everyone will like everything in the album. Personally, I found that I enjoy more their darker compositions such as “Mutate” and “Woman King”. After the fourth track the record leads to higher grounds! Riff after riff they build some of the most uplifting stuff you’ve heard lately.

“Moon Queen” goes great with solitary road trips, beer worshiping and blondes with big tits. I think this year Small Stone Records is striking one jack pot after another.

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