Wo Fat – The Black Code(2012)

From the muddy swamps of “Noche del Chupacabra” back to outer space and the not so friendly planet Mars. WO FAT revisit the sci-fi thriller concept in their new album “The Black Code” released by Small Stoner Records (after BLACK COWGIRL this label has to be my favorite one right now).

Since “The Gathering Dark” the band earned my respect but I’ll admit it was right after “Psychedelonought” that I had no other choice but to TREAT EVERY WO FAT RELEASE AS A MAJOR ONE. For those who know, WO FAT is one of the best contemporary stoner acts out there. From artwork, to lyrics, to songwriting, singing, guitar playing, and the overall sound, these guys have a totally unique style that is both enjoyable and distinguishable from miles away.

WO FAT did nothing new in “The Black Code”. As always they deliver huge dosages of 70’s grooviness. The amount of fuzz reaches critical levels here, while the amazing work on the production exposes the band’s assets in a unique way. Kent Stump’s voice sounds just a bit rawer than usual and it is the first time I realized what a great singer this guy is. Without doubt he must have one of the most characteristic voices in metal right now. “The Black Code” is strangely, balancing between heavy riffage and improvised psychedelia and in this way it keeps you always on the edge of your seat.

While their previous album “Noche del Chupacabra”, failed to amaze me, judging from the reaction of the press and fans it must be only me! In any case, I feel that with “The Black Code” WO FAT did it! Thus, they earned a position in this year’s Roadburn, fairly.

“The Black Code” has the best flow as an album but on the downside it does not contain their best hits. I still believe that “Psychedelonaught” remains their best work to date but this one comes as a second close. Enjoy…

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