Sons of Otis – Seismic(2012)

With almost 20 years of presence (on and off) one can call SONS OF OTIS nothing else but true veterans on the scene. The band may have just released their 6th full length entitled “Seismic” but these guys are a live proof that good things need their time.

If you find yourselves attracted to the mind expanding, soul shivering, low frequencies of Stoner Rock, then you simply can’t go wrong with any of the SONS OF OTIS releases. Actually, I am still waiting for the first album that won’t satisfy me, but SONS OF OTIS seem incapable of doing so. From what is said you can understand “Seismic” delivers the goods.

The band has adopted since day one a specific style which I often describe as a heavier/slower version of early MONSTER MAGNET. In “Seismic” they decided to shake things up a little bit. I would say this is the first time they decided to deviate from their classic formula. And yes, the album cover is totally misleading and way off.

The album is virtually broken into two parts. In the first half, you’ll come across with some of the heaviest, darkest and rawest material the band has ever written. This is probably as Doom as the band could ever sound. At some parts, “Seismic” brought memories of the suffocating character “Baal” (from ORTHODOX) had. Yet, the trademark style (including the spaced-out vocals) is intact! Just when the album starts getting a bit linear, SONS OF OTIS throw some descent doses of psychedelia to the recipe (starting from “PK”).

While I can see someone going either way, for me everything seemed much “cozier” and made more sense in this second half.

Certainly, this controversy might look weird to some and it is true that “Seismic” can’t be compared with “Temple Ball” but it’s an excellent album overall, proof that SONS OF OTIS can be successful in anything they decide to play.

P.S. With LO-PAN, WO FAT, FREEDOM HAWK, NIGHTSTALKER, LORD FOWL and many others, Small Stone Records is becoming one of the best recruiting labels in Stoner Rock.

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