Wight – Through The Woods Into Deep Water(2012)

After a monstrous debut back in 2011 WIGHT placed the bar way up high, and without doubt their sophomore album has to be one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

“Through The Woods Into Deep Water” caries the recognizable character of the band but still has some major differences with their previous works (the split is included). This time the band clearly focuses on the heavy side of things. The trippy, laid-back feeling of the “Wight Weedy Wight” is almost neglected.

The singing style has changed a bit. Vocals are pushed on the front but never reach the higher (almost screaming) scales found on the debut. Sometimes vocals remind a mix between Ozzy and Lemmy. Sounds weird? If you ever heard the Mexican band MALIGNO, then you’ll know how they sound like.

WIGHT were never known for composing original tunes. I mean half the riffs of “Wight Weedy Wight” can be tracked somewhere in the BLACK SABBATH discography, but unfortunately the band may have stepped over the line here especially in the main riff of “I Spit On Your Grave” which sounds exactly like PENTAGRAM’s “Burning Saviour”.

I can’t say that this record impressed me as much as the “Wight Weedy Wight”, but WIGHT certainly shows some great signs. Musically, “Through The Woods Into Deep Water” is a big step forward. It’s much more complex and you’ll find much more variety rather than solely some overused SABBATH influences.

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