Nightstalker – Dead Rock Commandos(2012)

The Stoner genre is quite proliferant in Greece and if you are searching for the band that started it all, you just hit the spot.

If you don’t have previous experience with the band…well that’s a sin, go download their whole discography right away! “Dead Rock Commandos” moves in the familiar territories of all NIGHTSTALKER albums. The band has created a trademark sound and “Dead Rock Commandos” doesn’t deviate from it. If you are a fan of “Superfreak” you will simply love this one. “Dead Rock Commandos” sounds more in your face and straightforward. In a way it lies somewhere in between NIGHTSTALKERS’ raw early albums and the more polished version of Stoner Rock they presented in “Superfreak”.

The quality is maintained high throughout the entire disk while songs sound simply catchier than ever before and this is the biggest virtue of the “Dead Rock Commandos”.

I believe that this is not the best album of NIGHTSTALKER but it offers enough to satisfy even the most demanding fans of the band. Maybe now NIGHTSTALKER have lost the advantage of surprise as you demand them to release something nice and from that point of view the NIGHTSTALKER simply delivers the goods without big surprises and drama.

Fans of the band start by listening “Go Get Some” as well as the only (let’s call it) surprise of the record, “Children of the Sun”. For the rest “Dead Rock Commandos” is a good place to start!

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