Orange Goblin – An Eulogy for the Damned(2012)

It’s been almost 15 years since the original Orange Goblin release. Back then, metal bands started cutting their hair and play…well something different from what they used to. People were saying metal is about to die because there aren’t any ideas left to explore. Orange Goblin was one of these bands that appeared from nowhere and gave metal a breath of fresh air. Their style was unique and for most of its part forgotten. Will it be too much to say that Orange Goblin -along with Electric Wizard- are the two most important post-90’s metal bands?

Don’t know how many of you dig the after “The Big Black” era stuff. I sure am not huge a fan. You see, although the band did pack a couple of great songs in each record, in my book no album managed to top “The Big Black”, “Time Traveling Blues” or “Frequencies from Planet Ten”. Sure “Healing Through Fire”, “Coup de Grace” and “Thieving from the House of God” were not bad one bit (I am quite sure Orange Goblin are incapable of making bad albums) but in my ears the band had lost some serious steam.

The year is 2012 now and it seems that the bad boys from U.K. decided pack some huge amounts of T.N.T. on what would appears to be, an innocent CD. So, excuse me for the language when I say that “An Eulogy for the Damned” caught me by the balls. The style of the band from its most defining era is back! The bad ass attitude of old school rock, the southern comfort, the groovy spirit of the 70’s and the rawness of punk are all here! In this case mixed with some extra doses of stoner rock and pure heavy metal and why not some dark doom!

Don’t know if Ben Ward had a fight just before the recordings but in “An Eulogy for the Damned” the man sounds furious. He sings in such a direct, raw and angry way that even Lemmy would envy. I must admit though that I still miss the psychedelic side of his voice. The other members sound as wicked as ever. Right from the album opener (which by the way is catchy as f***k) you know that the band is in mood for some serious damage.

No, you will not hear me saying that this is the best album Orange Goblin ever did cause it’s not. But by any means this record leads the band straight to a new era of creativity. Indeed, “An Eulogy for the Damned” sounds as refreshing as a glass of cold beer offered to the damned in the burning pits of hell.

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