Green & Wood – Devil’s Plan(2011)

Green & Wood is a relatively new band from L.A. The boys (and girl) I believe a trio now with the addition of Josh Anzano have already released their S/T debut back in 2006. But really, even if you have heard that album nothing can prepare you for what “Devil’s Plan” is!

Judging by the album covers I think they have sticked with the same artist and its good for them! The art is amazing and it totally gives the idea of what you should expect form album. Lyrics always twist around themes of occultism, or pagan/satanic/folk stuff. “Devil’s Plan” sounds much more doom oriented, heavier and darker than its predecessor. Flower’s vocals have a clearer Ozzy orientation and that is particularly noticeable on the slower songs.

I think the best attribute of the band is they focus on the song writing! These guys really have something to present. They give you material to sing along! You know…something to remember! “Siren” is my favorite pick from the album and is based around a killer riff! Actually, “Siren” is on the best tracks I’ve heard all year round. I’ve heard this song before through an earlier video of the band but all I can say is that this version is at least 100% better! Much heavier, the main riff is a bit slower and the vocals sound much more improved too. “Pillars of Creation” is another powerful composition which has stacked in my player for the last couple of days. That song includes some haunting vocals melodies a really heavy riff! This is dark doom at its best!

Yes, there are some predictable moments that may put “Devil’s Plan” a scale lower than perfection. Some may also find the similarity with Sabbath annoying. I don’t know…I really love Sabbath and I would like to have anything that SOUNDS EQUALLY GREAT at any given chance.

Easily one of the best records so far. I can already predict that it might be lost in the tide of solid doom releases of 2011 only because these guys are still not popular enough. Hopefully the readers of the this blog know better, so my advice is a multistep process. Step 1: Listen to album via their bandcamp page once. Step 2: Download the digital album for a fairly low price. Step 3: Catch them on tour where you can hopefully find the second pressing (the first patch of limited to 50 copies is already sold out) of the album in vinyl edition.

Green & Wood seems to be another one of those bands that Black Sabbath would be proud of. Now that the grandfathers are reunited (11-11-11) I can only dream to catch these guys on a tour with Orchid and Ice Dragon…


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