Freedom Hawk – Holding On

Their 2009’s s/t album was more like a fuzz-based classic stoner and it made Freedom Hawk earn the reputation of the Fu Manchu rip offs. This year they return and now the band looks determined to do something about it! No! The band doesn’t do anything “progressive” and they certainly don’t invent anything new! In “Holding On” the band comes back to the more “appropriate” for them paths of “Sunlight”. And my heart is put into its place.

Here we are dealing with less fuzzy more doom laden side of Freedom Hawk. As always bass is dominant and super loud, guitars are heavy and on the job of delivering memorable riffs one after another. The first thing someone will notice is that the weird work on the vocals the previous album had is gone! Yeah, T. R. Morton sounds Ozzier than ever. If haters had a reason for calling Freedom Hawk Fu Manchu rip offs well now they’ll focus their comparisons to Black Sabbath. Personally, I am one of those who don’t really have any problem if a new band resembles another monster band of the past as long as there is good material to justify the resemblance. And this is where “Holding On” shines.

The record is packed with 13 dynamites. Catchy riffs, lead to catchy songs! The kind of songs you wanna sing along! This is a bit of a lost art these days ha? The album is quite addictive too. Although I have a stack full of new albums to review this one made wanna come back for more. And really…I find a “new-favorite-song” of the record every time I listen to it.

I will be honest here! “Holding On” DOES remind Black Sabbath a lot! Actually, I think the band tried hard to sound like it at some points. It also reminds a bunch of other cool stuff after Black Sabbath. But if some people can’t see what’s the deal beyond that then they should just seat back and enjoy to some of the most inspired rock tunes of 2011! Simple as that! Back to roots of all evil baby!!! Rowk!!!

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