Backwoods Payback – Momantha(2011)

Late review for this one! Shame on me! Don’t know how hot Pensylvania is these days but Backwoods Payback deliver a strong dose of desert rock. Member of the Small Records team (Lo Pan, Gozu, Iron Weed, Freedom Hack), if you are familiar with this label you probably know what to expect. Ultra downtuned blues, southern attitude, massive stoner riffs, powerful vocals. Think of Clutch with a more downtuned metal sound!

Don’t really know what a “Momantha” is, but my guess is that is has something to do with the multiple sides an object can have. Could be way off though… In any case, in this record the band displays tens of different approaches to doom. For example “Fight Pony” sounds like as if it was made from a grunge band forgotten in time, “Timegrinder” leans towards a more thrash/sludge side while “Mr. Snowflake” is reveals the love of the band for Sabbath. Now this can be good or bad. Personally I found this frequent shift of styles as one of the only negative point in a near perfect stoner record.

I need to stand at two points: a) this band knows how to write good songs! You will find not even one bad song in this disk. Actually, most songs are meant to be played live so you can expect an uplifting spirit from “Momantha” b) Vocals are good and at times great. Again the style of vocals is changing from song to song but the quality is maintained constantly in high levels. Sometimes Cummings reminds a bit of Danzig. Not bad ha? Bottom line: have fun with “Momantha”! Satisfaction guaranteed!

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